Coal Mining

Name of Project: GBR Thermal Coal Mining & Trading
Coal Mining Activities: Over Burden – Coal Getting – Hauling
Terminal Activities: Stock-pilling; Crushing; Loading-Unloading; Transhipment barge to vessel.


logo GBRThe company having the CV. AR (Coal Mining) and work on the royalty basis for stock-pilling, crushing & coal terminal facilities to BBC.

Coal mining location at Mentewe Village, Sub-district Batulicin, District Tanah Bumbu – South Kalimantan – Indonesia, the coal mining is surround in the areas of Sela River & Batutunggal’s mountain and the terminal location at Serongga Village, Sub-district Kelumpang Hilir, District Tanah Bumbu – South Kalimantan.

The distance from coal mining location to terminal location is 25 Km. The coal mining use the open pit method, and the stock pilling and terminal areas has 330,000 SqM which has 2 jetties including the conveyor and 2 conventional jetties.

The chemical analysis of product:
Total Moisture [ARB] = 4.0%; IM [ADB, ISO 11722] = 4.4%, Ash content [air dried basis; ISO 1171] = 10.30%; VM = 46.70%, FC = 39.70%, Total Sulphur [ADB] = 0.43%;  Gross Calorific Value [ADB; ISO 1928] = 6,889 Kcal/kg.

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