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HARVESTINDO GROUP is a diversified industrial group with interest in Mining and Financial Service, headquartered in Indonesia, with offices in Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

The group acts as the promoter and facilitator for a wide variety of industrial and trading projects in many different parts of the world. Such projects are very frequently co-operative enterprises with other chosen partners, in which always invests to optimizing the outcome for all the parties concerned. HARVESTINDO group's core team has been working years and has extensive experience of facilitating and managing projects in fields ranging across the whole spectrum of industrial and natural resources activity, from coal to metals, ports, shipping agency, also financial service and project funding. The financial services affiliated to a Corporate Consortium Group of Merchant Bankers, Lenders, Stock market Operators and Providers of Bank Financial Instruments.

Group also work for worldwide project financing corporate finance, especially for prospective project in Asia. HARVESTINDO has subsidiary, namely the City Harvest Resources Ltd, [CHR] at Hong Kong, and Gunung Batu Resources, PT [GBR] run for thermal coal mine, stockyard – crushing – coal terminal at Tanah bumbu – South Kalimantan, Indonesia.

CEO & Founder profile

D. Didik Sucahyo, Ph.D

The CEO of HARVESTINDO is Dr. “D”. Didik Sucahyo Oei, has a broad range of experiences in several industries and at different levels. His experiences strengthens his ability to select the right people for the right job and hold his people accountable while encouraging them to work as a team and still exercise their individuality.

Dr. “D” 44 years old is management expertise, which finished his study from doctoral program, majoring marketing management from Economic Faculty, University of Indonesia on the year 2004. His competency is strategic alliances, which empiric research on pharmaceutical industries at Asia region (download here the article), another article to be written by him is furniture cluster (download here the article). Dr. D hold as best lecturer at MMUI University of Indonesia, Salemba on the 1st semester of the year 2006, upto now he is actively as extra-ordinary lecturer at MMUI, beside as extra-ordinary lecturer at Paul & Barnabas Bible School – Surabaya. He was actively member of Strategic Management Society, member of Foundation Festive of God Power, and member of Indonesian Accountant Association [IAI]. He has more than 15 years at the managerial level in practical matter in the several business organizations.

Dr. D hold personal prophecy from God for his vision and mission in live, business, and service in God together with his great families: Syera, Jovendi, Joel and Joe Berry.

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Harvestindo Europe

The solid element

The Netherlands Now a rapidly changing world at an ever-increasing pace with emerging countries developing, the demand for wood, coal, steel, iron ore,  gas, oil, bio diesel. It has never been greater. At the same time the world is becoming more dynamic, which makes the supply of raw material harder to control for all companies. In this environment you need a rock solid partner that enables and encourages continuity. A partner should not only sustainable and reliable, but who can also be flexible and innovative if needed. Allow us to introduce to you Harvestindo Europe.

Right at the core

It is headquarterd in Purmerend close to Amsterdam, our international outlook and entrepreneurial business sense have always been about trust and typically Dutch straightforwardness. Our foundation in 1985, we have developed over 25 years of experience  as main commodity  supplier  and trader today we are active on almost every continent.  With our CEO, Dennis Hans Alberga (49 years) and diverse team of industry professionals, we continue what we have started.

As a miner, inventor, producer, supplier, recyclers and financier we can play crucial part in every phase of the supply chain. In order to be able to optimally serve our client, Harvestindo has three complementary business strengths management – research & development - strategy; each specialized in its own area of business.

"Harvestindo offers the full range of raw materials from wood, iron ore and coal you name it, our experience and passion for innovative ways to supply our clients, is what we want to be known for”

The Netherlands
Amazonelaan 19, 1448 VA Purmerend
Phone: 31 (0) 299 649030, Fax: 31 (0) 299 461483,

Harvestindo Paris
6, Boulevard de Grenelle
Paris 75015

Cp. Jovendi Gamaliel S (21 years, management study at AUP American University of Paris)

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